Bilge Odor Eliminator
Head Mistress
The ultimate in control!

Tired of living with bilge and head odors...?
We now have the technology to control bilge and head odors at the source.
Don't mask your bilge or head odors with strong fragrances and other "smells"...
Eliminate the odors at the source with a Head Mistress electronic odor eliminator.
It actually destroys the odors in the air and on the surfaces of your bilge!
Odors are GONE, mold and mildew eliminated and your boat smells fresh and clean.

A size for any ship:

The original Head Mistress
can be used anywhere. Battery powered,
silent and can be placed in the head or in the bilge.
Unbelievably SIMPLE to install, NO WIRING REQUIRED.
Operates continually for 6 months on 4 D-cell batteries (included).
Has a battery condition indicator light.
Use more than one for multiple heads or larger boats.
100% portable! Bring fresh air and odor control with you anyplace.
Head Mistress ... $89.95 (shipping & handling $5.05)

The Head Mistress II
includes a 110volt AC power supply for continuous operation.
Can be hard wired into a 12 volt DC circuit.
Has an indicator light to confirm operation.
Use more than one for multiple heads or larger boats.
Head Mistress II ... $89.95 (shipping & handling $5.05)

The First Mate
can keep a large cabin odor free. Use with the Head Mistress for total odor control.
Eliminates mold and mildew right into every crack and corner of your boat.
Remember how musty your clothes smelled when you left them in the closets onboard...
Now even your Docksiders smell better!
First Mate ... $299.95 (shipping & handling $9.05)

The Admiral
can handle a home, marina, or a boat full of smokers.
Yes. Eliminate smoke as well as odors with an Admiral Class system.
Sensors automatically adjust output to exactly match odor and smoke levels.
Quiet continuous operation on 110 volt AC Power. Uses only 30 watts.
Adjustable output for areas from up to 2500 square feet.
High output for quick clean up of very strong odors.
Eliminates fuel and exhaust odors too!
Admiral ... $599.95 (shipping & handling $20.05)

Our 100% no questions asked guarantee!
If for any reason you do not want to keep your Head Mistress,
First Mate or Admiral within 30 days of purchase just return
it in the original box and we will issue a full refund.

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Daytona Beach, Florida
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