Turbo Charger

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PT Turbo Charger Kit
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$ 2,895.95
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A Turbo Kit is a very specialized and custom item. Each kit is made to your order. Turbo Kit orders must be prepaid with a money order. Turbo Kits are not returnable or cancellable once the order is placed.

A Turbo Kit for a real Power Transformation of your PT Cruiser! Easy installation, reasonable cost, fits manual & automatic transmissions! Uses a Garrett T3 Turbo (much larger than the 16G), cast iron exhaust manifold, high flow mandrell bend tubing, external waste gate boost control, fuel management system, silicon hoses. Instructions included and it only takes 6-8 hours to install the Stage I system.
Stage I - above - produces 70HP.

Stage II - Intercooler, Upgrade Turbo, Special High Output Head Gasket, High Capacity Fuel Pump.

Stage III - Same as Stage II with Larger Intercooler.